The Secret to Hummingbird Cake Release!

Two. More. Days.

This has been quite the journey. One day, four years ago, I was sitting on my front porch, and I was supposed to be working. But it was just one of those days...I couldn't find what I was looking for, couldn't keep my mind on my job, I felt...blah...yuck...irritated. But I started thinking about a night years earlier that brought an immediate smile to my face. It always does when I think about her. Always scolding me, always telling me to pull my head out of my behind. Always pushing me to choose better, think better, be better. I grabbed my laptop, clicked out the work file I was in and started to type the details of that night....Four years later, The Secret to Hummingbird Cake is a love letter to the South and to my friend, Lynn, who I miss every day.

I am, of course, thrilled that this book got picked up by one of the top six publishers in the world. Another writer told me after I signed with Harper Collins, "Congratulations, you have now done what only 1% of the population has done." I am grateful, excited and still a little shocked by the opportunity. And it's becoming a whirlwind of chaos as I prepare for my launch party and a book tour that begins on this Wednesday. I am happy, yes, but.....

She would love all the stuff that surrounds this book release and all that led up to it. She'd be making every step I did and still telling me to watch my mouth, stop looking for a fight and pay attention. She'd tell me if my pants were too tight, and they always are. She'd tell me pink lipstick made me look like I was still in Junior High. She'd fuss about my hair and tell me the 80's were over and my big hair didn't get the memo. But she'd also tell me to knock 'em dead. To not be nervous because I could talk to anybody, anytime. To remember where I came from. And she'd say she was proud of me.

And I AM proud of this accomplishment. I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity. I am thankful for a hometown and parish that has supported me and cheered for me. But I am ever aware that without her, there would be no book tour. No accolades. No book. It was all because of her and I just wanted everybody to know that.

Here's to friendship...may you be blessed with true friends who love you to a fault, who are never too busy and who always have your back.



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