Internet Keyboard Warriors

You know, everybody is entitled to have an opinion about everything. That's the beautiful thing about living in a free country. You can voice your views about gun control and Presidential candidates and ketchup brands and TV shows and if you should or shouldn't wear white after Labor Day. (A no brainer if you're from the South)

The same thing goes for book reviews. Not all of us like the same things and if we did how boring would it be? So...I take no issue with bad reviews about The Secret to Hummingbird Cake. I don't read the bad ones anyway. But you know what I DO take issue with? Reading this book, purposely seeking me out on my FB page or looking up my public email address and telling me things like (and all these are quotes) "you are going to hell and your friend is already there" or "you are a slut and a whore and Jesus has turned his back on you." I got those two this past week. I'M NOT KIDDING.

So here's worth, my self-esteem, my validation is not wrapped up in what you think of me. Your words don't cut, scar or hurt me because I don't even know who you are. However, I am bothered when you label yourself as a Christian and put this kind of stuff out there. A true Christian would NEVER say this to another one of God's children. It is the job of a Christian to show another soul kindness and compassion, to be a friend without judgment and a lighthouse on a dark night. There is a reason the world is beginning to turn away from Christianity and it begins with people who ridicule, accuse and shun. You exclude those you deem unworthy, as if that's your decision to make. I will gladly line up with the "different folks" because that's where you would've found Jesus eating supper.

You have a nice day.



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